I spent a decade teaching, mostly in the middle/upper years of primary.  Now I work in many different schools. 


I wanted to set up this site to share a few more ideas about books that may suit your grade. If you have used these titles as well, please share.  


We can't teach and promote reading well, without a strong knowledge of kids lit.  We have to  know the book well if we want to have any conversation beyond some basic comprehension strategies.  And as they get older, the texts get longer.  We can't know all of them, but if we  put 25-30 strong titles in our repertoire, you're winning. 


Teachers are busy, and they'll still need to keep informed of more titles.  Hopefully this will help narrow the search a bit, and give a few ideas on the type of conversations that might come out of some titles.   

So far, I'm choosing texts that are either fairly recent, or I think they've flown under the radar, and could be useful in your classroom.  If you've used some of these titles, share it- Instagram is probably best.  


Occasionally I'll make a reference to the Victorian Curriciulum, as I live in Melbourne, Australia.